Monday, November 10, 2014

Bears, Bears, They've Got No Cares

We got to celebrate my sweet niece's 2nd birthday in Greenville this past weekend, and it was a DRESS UP PARTY.  Whoo hoo, my favorite!  There's Candler above, giving Uncle Phil a checkup with her new doctor kit.  Isn't she darling?!  Phil declared that he could not possibly let me dress him up as a woman again (like at Halloween) since he had begun No Shave November and his beard would make him a less attractive female. Yeah.  Whew.  We really dodged a bullet there.

So he dressed in his running clothes with little bits of paper containing the word "problem" dangling behind from his hat.  Get it?  You see, he was running from his problems.  (eye roll)

I found an Indian outfit in a bin in the garage which I think must have come from my friends Arun and Shobha who are for real Indians.  (They care for children of temple prostitutes in India and are some of the neatest people you could ever meet.)  Unfortunately my look was less terrifying than the  manly brows and a mustache, but it was much more comfortable.  Don't you wish we wore things like this here?

Speaking of manly brows and a mustache ...

Here's Christian hanging out with Super Uncle Jeff.  I stuffed my poor baby like a sausage into  Andrew's old horsey costume for Halloween and couldn't bear to do that to him again And really, I don't need much of an excuse to draw a mustache on my kids.  If you've never tried it, stop whatever you're doing this instant and go find a kid and a marker.  I promise you won't be sorry.  I mean, is there anything funnier in the world??

If you can't find a child, a pet will do nicely.

Hahahahahaha!!  It's still hilarious, no matter how many times I look at it!  Anyway, back to the party....

Andrew was an awesome Mario.  Do you like the hat?  Did it myself.

And Els was a deliciously cuddly puppy.  She found this costume at a consignment shop and went nutty nuts over it.  I think I'll be seeing this cute doggie around quite a bit.

What a fabulous reason to get together with the family and be wierdos.  Happy birthday Candler!!  We love you!!

Oh, OK, one more ...