Friday, July 8, 2011

Left Leg Lazy Lion Licks A Lolly Pop

Ah, summer. We're so very glad for the pool a half mile away. For the most part, Elsbeth enjoys the stairs and flits up and down them with her crab kick board in hand. Sometimes she'll pop into her little ring float and swim around all by her onsie.

Andrew is doing great with his swimming. Yea! He's constantly leaping off the wall and diving board. If I hear him shrieking for help, I can be certain it's because water has gotten into his goggles, which apparently feels like molten lava.

My Nib has recently discovered the joys of disrobing during nap time. This is how I found her last week:

She had managed to get her favorite dress off, then back on backwards and inside out, part of the skirt pull through one of the arms holes, and the other arm completely missing the opening. It was fabulous. Clearly she was far to busy to actually sleep.

The kids and I ran a fun errand a couple days ago to pick out a new fish for our little pond. After considerable debate, we selected a lively speckled guy that Andrew named Phil.

Andrew was so excited about Phil, running out to check on him, calling to him when he was hiding under the lilly pads. After putting the kids down, I went to look for Phil since we hadn't seen him all day. I ended up finding him dead in the filter system. :-( The taller, warmer and considerably more alive Phil won't let me run out to buy another fish before Andrew notices, so I'm afraid of a few tears when he finds out. I'm also anticipating lots of discussion about fish in heaven, spiritual fish bodies, and the like.

In happier wildlife news, the billions of tadpoles in our Pond of Death have escaped just in the nick of time and now our yard is packed with tiny wee frogs. Aren't they the cutest?

Andrew just loves them. He's great at catching them, often putting them back in the pond to watch them swim around. Elsbeth prefers to look at them from afar. Probably best for the frogs that she doesn't want to hold them. I think they're such fun. I do have anxieties when the lawn is being mowed, though.