Monday, November 29, 2010

The Chestnut. She's A Fickle Beast.

Doesn't this goat have the most winning smile?

After about a year break from the zoo (since I was tired of driving across the city simply to stand at the railroad crossings for the zoo train), we're back and loving it. Andrew is much more interested in the animals at this point, and Elsbeth appears to be enjoying them, too!

Yea for smelly goats and pigs and piles of doots!

The Fiery One had been holding steady at 50% in height, and suddenly I started thinking, "My, but my girl looks tall." I was at a friend's house and we both noticed that Els looked oddly similar in size to her 3-year-old. TFO's 18-month visit to the pediatrician confirmed that I have a healthy girl who weighs just under 23 pounds (25th percentile) and is 33.5 inches tall ... 95th percentile!

She's talking tons, and if I have a decent amount of context I can usually understand her. She's currently obsessed with Ring Around the Rosie ("Ashes Ashes!!") and always wants Andrew close at hand, which is so sweet when she's not trying to pinch him. She's doing a really good job with the potty, though I confess I got a lap full several times during the first couple no-diaper days.

A couple weeks ago I caught her putting a big beach bag over her shoulder and dragging it around, so I found her a little pocket book more her size. Ahhh, it's so cute, it kills me! And tonight I was making soup and she was determined to help, so I got her a pot and a spoon and she worked hard making her own. Love it.

And speaking of big helpers, here's The Precious helping Daddy stretch out after a race.

A few weeks ago he asked me to explain what a temptation was, and I gave him some examples. Ever since then he regularly asks me to tell him about more temptations (and he's decided that Mommy makes up much better temptations than Daddy). Tonight he was satisfied with me describing only 3 temptations before bed, even though he wanted 5. Still loves washing machines with agitators. Still hums and rocks himself to sleep. Still refuses to talk on the phone. My sweet, funny boy.

For Thanksgiving this year, I painted a "Thankful Tree" on our sliding glass door and we all added leaves that had written on them things we were thankful for. (The bare tree branches are about as artistic as I get, so no heckling!) I love that the very first leaf Andrew put up had, "My swimming thing that keeps me warm" on it, referring to his swim lesson wet suit. Two things I will remember next year: 1. The acrylic paint was much messier to clean off than anticipated. And 2. Picking an detailed maple leaf design may look cute on the tree, but takes about 45 minutes to trace and cut out. Not good.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday this year. Ours was wonderful - thank you Aunt Gayle and Uncle Ron!

Monday, November 1, 2010

One Hundred Fifty-Two Insights Into My Soul!

Most fun Halloween to date (even with Elsbeth skipping her nap).

Poor Phil had to recycle last year's costume as he and I were pretty last minute with our decision to dress up at all. I thought he pulled it off just swine, though.

Andrew wanted me to be a tiger, but black cat was about all I was able to put together. He was satisfied.

The Daddy group was incredibly amusing to me. Dave McNay's expression (the blue bandana) is one of the funnier things I've ever experienced.

I know it's blurry, but just because it's that funny to me ...