Friday, December 28, 2007

Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal

Precious opening his stocking filled with snap beads here at home

We've had such a lovely Christmas time so far. The Saturday morning before Christmas, we had our own little gift exchange before we headed out to Aiken for some tremendous fun with Phil's family. My family arrives here in Atlanta for even more Christmas excitment this Sunday!

Andrew with his Aunt Sallie & Uncle Jeff

Festivities included dinner at Pizza Hut, the Millbrook Baptist Candlelight Service (after every song, Andrew exclaimed, "aGEE!", his version of "again"), wheelbarrow rides from Papa, story times with Nannie, and loads of attention from Aunts and Uncles!

In his Christmas Wambones with his Nannie on Christmas Eve

There were also a few presents to be had. Oh the abundance of books and toys and clothes that were showered upon this little lad! He has spent today playing with his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Play House, laughing over his Ball Popping Machine and asking me to read Llama, Llama Mad at Momma.

Manly roughhousing with Daddy on Christmas Morning

While we were packing for Aiken, TCBITW was sweetly scootering his little bicks around our room in his rocket wambones (pj's). He ran up to me with his denim jacket and asked to put it on. Then he found his fleece footed wams and was determined to have those on as well. Not one to inhibit a unique sense of fashion (I do have pink streaks in my hair, after all), I obliged. He was a stunning sight and was none too pleased when we decided to trade the outfit for something more conventional before our trip.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just In Cases

OK, I've got to be the worst blogger ever. Enough about that - so do you think My Precious likes chocolate pudding or what?!

We just had the priviledge of a wonderful visit home to my parents and BRADLEY! Yes, the big, bad Navy corpsman is home for a few weeks, and it was such a joy to spend time with him. He took us through some pictures of his adventures over this past year, and though they freaked me out a little, I'm so proud of all he's done. Truely a hero.

Here is Andrew hanging out with his uncle on the floor of my mom's classroom. It's nice that Bradley was able to take a break from bandaging up Marines to making link necklaces for TCBITW.

We also got to spend a morning at Waccatee Zoo, one of my favorite spots. Always looking for an adventure, Bradley made sure to feed all the animals whose cages displayed the sign, "DO NOT FEED. WILL BITE!!" He also managed to get the llama to spit right in his face (though I think the fence deflected most it). Good times!

Here's Andrew hanging with Grandpa at the zoo. Nothing could warm my heart more ...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Wouldn't Be As Fastidious As You Are For A Kingdom

I love each change of season, but the arrival of autumn is my favorite. Leaves, pumpkins, brisk mornings, my boy in his jean jacket ... yeah, I'm a big fan.

Though things started out a bit fussy, and The Precious refused to sleep a wink during all our driving (perhaps enhancing said fussiness), we had a delightful Thanksgiving. Below is Andrew at my parents house, covered in chocolate Pediasure and clapping delightedly over his new Button Book, a gift from Nannie (Phil's mom).

We even got to spend some time with the Mills, our dear friends who are currently missionarying in Thailand (see Millses at the side panel for more information). It made my heart so full to catch up on all the Thai gossip while we all strolled our babies. Here you see Andrew and Ishbibenob comparing notes on Fish-o verses Gerber Puffs as favorite snacks.

And after 3,572 attempts, I present to you Ishbibenob, Skeezix and Andrew all looking sort of near the camera.

Along with all this joy has been quite a bit of heartache. A few weeks ago, our friends Beth and BJ delivered their second son at 22 weeks. He did not survive. Just today a mass was discovered on the brain of the 3-year-old son of Allen and Gillian, also precious friends of ours. He will undergo surgery on Friday to have it removed - the surgery will last from 8 - 15 hours. Please, please lift up these loved ones to our Lord Jesus.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ow! I Just Stabbed Myself With My Ribs!

Yes, that is my son caressing the television remote with deep tenderness and undying devotion. This has been a week full of Baby Einstein, and I just may have created a monster. I used it to mesmerize him in order to attempt to sneak in sips of Pedialite. (Didn't work.) I used it to comfort him when he was feeling dreadful and didn't want to move, but was tired of books. I used it to keep him still during the times when he was feeling better but not-quite-all-the-way-there (I learned this the hard way after letting him jump in his jumpy thing, only to be completely soaked in throw-up moments later). And I used it today so that I could sit still after a night of throwing up myself. (Is it strange that I kept rubbing my cold feet and wondering if that is what they'd feel like if I was dead?)

So now my Sweet Precious will point longingly at the blank TV screen and pat his chest imploringly. If I don't move quickly, he'll begin searching for the remote, pushing random buttons when he finds it, sadly gazing at the dark machine when it doesn't respond. The times I do let him watch it, the moment it ends he calls out "aGEEE!" (translation: again!) I started out thinking this whole Baby Einstein thing wasn't so bad. I mean, for a kid's video, it's very mellow and soothing. Nothing like Mrs. Pattycake which, years after my one-and-only viewing, still haunts me (sorry Carrie). But at this point I think I'm going to throw myself off my back deck if I see a toy chicken waddle across my television screen one more time. Hopefully I'll feel good enough to leave the house tomorrow.

Happily, TCBITW is nearly recovered. No appetite yet, but hopefully that will return soon. (Please return soon! At least before your weight check!) Doesn't he look so spiffy in his rocket wambones? Those are my favorites.

Thanks to my brilliant friend, Eowyn (no, really, she's brilliant), I can now present to you the sweeping video you were so cruely deprived of last time:

A couple nights ago, after yet another crib-stripping exercise and fruitless Pedialite-offering ritual, I was kinda stressed out. I was tired, worried that Andrew was going to get dehydrated, smelled like regurgitated milk, and well, just ready to call it a day. Phil very graciously offered to handle all kitchen clean-up for me, and I took him up on it. We think so similarly about so many things, but apparently "clean" isn't one of them. This is what I found in my sink the next morning ... it was grosser than it looks. (I love you, Honey! It was still super-sweet!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Brent Do?

My dear college suite mate Georgia called me yesterday to check on me since I hadn't posted in so long. Oh, that makes me laugh! I am honored that anyone ever reads this thing, and I apologize to those who do for depriving you of the most recent photos/activities of TCBITW. I honestly don't know how you've endured.

My brains are, at present, the consistency of old oatmeal, so I'm just going to jot down whatever comes to mind, in no particular order.

1. As seen in the photo above, Andrew is all about the Cheerios (or Kroger Toasted Oats ... non-organic ... please don't judge too harshly, Rhianna). Often when I ask him if he's hungry, he runs over to pantry and pulls out the box.

2. At his 15-month appointment a couple weeks ago, it was discovered that he has fallen pretty low in the weight and height percentages (and yet the cheeks remain!) Thus it has been suggested that we switch out the water in his sippy cup for Liquid Gold (aka Pediasure) and dip everything he eats in butter.

3. I didn't dress My Precious up for Halloween this year. I hope I'm not docked too many Mommy Points, but he goes to bed before it's dark! And he can't eat candy! And the costumes were expensive! (No, I'm not defensive ...) I did carve a pumpkin because I love fall and I wanted to, and I gave it 5 teeth to match my boy's smile.

4. The Precious is currently experiencing first stomach virus, which is messing with the whole "fatten him up" scheme. (see item #2) Sooo pitiful to watch your baby throw up. The only up-side is that he has been very cuddly, so we've been found curled up together in front of Baby Bach quite a bit over these last 24-hours (please don't judge too harshly, Rhianna).

5. One of his favorite things to do these days (when he doesn't have the plague) is to sweep the floor. I had a great video clip, but the video site hates me and flatly refuses to upload it. Here you see him with the tiny broom, but what his heart most often desires is the BIG broom, which he pulls out from beside the washing machine and drags all over the house.

6. Phil threw me a surprise party for my 30th birthday. I looked like poo after a day of scrubbing floors and playing in the sand box, and nearly had a heart attack when I happened upon 18 screaming guests in my kitchen, but I felt so loved by my husband and friends who came to support me in my old age.

7. We had a baby shower for my dear friend Rachel and her beautiful son Weatherson this past weekend. This celebration has been a long time coming, and many cherished friends from around the world were able to be with us.

8. And Andrew has had his first haircut. I was getting more "is that a boy or a girl?" questions than I was comforable with. We did it ourselves, so up close it looks pretty bad, but if you squint and look from at least one room away, it's fabulous. He looks so grown up! I haven't been able to part with any of the baby curls yet - they're all tucked away in a zip lock bag for me to caress whenever I feel the need.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look! There's Gregory Peck's Bicycle! And Barbara Mandrell's Skateboard!

Things That Please Me:

1. Hangin' with my boys

2. That the song "Jesse's Girl" contains the word "moot"

3. Getting the clothes out of the dryer right after it's done and cheating my ironing pile

4. That here's a pumpkin cheesecake in my oven right now

5. Sonic commercials

6. The fact that, at this very moment, no one is harassing me about having the baby monitor on

7. The hot pink streaks I have in my hair

8. Knowing my brother is on a boat headed back towards the US of A

9. Rocking my Precious to sleep at night (What's that you're saying? Baby Wise what? Sorry, can't hear you over the baby monitor.)

10. Giving Andrew a Superman curl after his bath

11. That Phil let me sleep an extra hour this morning AND unloaded the dishwasher

12. Cheap bleach spray that makes the bathroom scum disappear

13. My tin cat on wheels

14. Phil's dream last night where I was a very powerful, scary woman and he was my prisoner

15. The zoo on a crisp, fall morning

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Stick Has Not Been Here For Years And Years. This Stick Has NOT Been Here For Years And Years.

Here's my Precious asking me to "please open the gate." He would stand in the yard opening and closing the side gate for hours if I'd let him, taking occasional detours to the sandbox and the front porch steps.

I haven't been all that into the sign language thing with him - he claps when he's done with something (somehow evolved from me clapping for him when he finished his food), but that was it ... until I got tired of the "uhhhhhhhhh!" coupled with desperate reaching that occurred every time he wanted something. He's not using human words right now, so I didn't blame him - sometimes a boy needs some Rice Chex! But I decided that having him sign "please" would help his requests feel less demanding. He picked up on it really fast, and now it's even harder not to give in to his every wish. Big soulful blue eyes looking pleadingly at the front door, both hands patting his pajama-laden chest at 6am ....

I just found out there is a program called "101 MORE Things Removed From The Human Body." Why oh why don't we have TiVo?

I was cleaning out the fridge the other day and looked down to see this:

And he hasn't forgotten about it, either. Every time the refrigerator door opens, he makes a bee line for the Heath syrup, and when Daddy made the very adult decision not to let him suck the life out of it, only the ceiling fan pull cord could assuage the sorrow.

Speaking of sorrow, we had to take My Precious to the emergency room last week. I was cooking in the kitchen and heard him crying in the living room - blood all over his face! 'Twas just a cut lip (I think he fell into the baby gate), but I decided to call the doctor when I noticed the inside of the lip was cut pretty badly as well. I had no idea they would send me to the ER to make sure it didn't need stitches. It didn't, praise the Lord (can you imagine stitching up your 14 month old?!) and he handled the hours in a hospital room quite well (looking adorable in his purple hospital gown). And though I realize that I can't hover over him every moment, I did feel bad telling medical person after medical person that I wasn't sure exactly what happened since I was in a different room, as if I'd left him cleaning the pool while I ran off to get a pedicure. They didn't take me in for questioning, and Andrew's lip has healed beautifully so I'll call it a successful venture.

Sometimes, after Phil has put in a long day at the office, I reward him for his dedication by presenting him with a big surprise. This is how I wrap it:

I'm not so good with the bugs. I think I traumatized TCBITW, who was riding my hip as I was screaming and trying to hurl the bowl over Creepy Roach of Nastiness. The raisin canister is a more recent addition since I had an escapee a few months ago.

One final thought before I leave you. I put in Baby Bach (of the Baby Einstein family) the other day, and it wasn't all that bad! Actually, I was mesmerized. Andrew watched it for a while, then walked around the room while I had to keep wiping the drool from my chin. But there were a few spots where this disembodied hand appeared to push a button on a toy, and the hand had a scab on it. Ew! These are big selling videos, right? They couldn't find a non-scabby hand to put coins in the bank? Bleck.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I Am Faster Than 80% Of All Snakes

This is the face that Phil and I were rewarded with on Saturday morning when, during our breakfast out at the Blue Rooster, I shared my chocolate milk with TCBITW. It was poor judgement on my part since the chocolate milk was really good and I barely got a drop. He would guzzle it down until he was out of breath, then reach earnestly for it again. I think we had a few spills on the big boy Gamecock jersey Daddy bought for him during his last visit to Williams-Brice, but it didn't seem to affect it's luckiness. Whew! We really dodged a bullet there! Perhaps Phil will now concede to change the underwear he's been wearing since the night of the UGA game.

A few more shots of Mr. Milk Face ...

In other consumption news, The Precious is now officially a carnivore. He and I shared some chicken chili for lunch this afternoon and I included some actual chicken bits in his serving. I've been really weirded out by feeding him meat for some reason. Odd since I'm far from a vegetarian myself. I love nothing more than a big plate of bacon with a side of BBQ and steak. I think the fact that he didn't have teeth for so long has something to do with it. Pureed meat makes me twitch, and since his food often touches my mouth when I test the temperature, I just couldn't do it. Even with the arrival of the Big Four, I hesitated. I mean, how much do you use your front teeth to chew meat? I think it was watching him chow down on some brick-like animal crackers in the church nursery that convinced me. Anyway, he loved the chili, and now that we've made this first step, I'm sure he'll be scarfing my bacon in no time.

Here's some video from a trip to the park after our breakfast outing. You can see The Precious scootering around with his much improved walking skills, and the last bit with Phil I really enjoy. And in case you can't make out that last thing he says, it's "Oh my gosh, it's scary!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's European!

My Precious and I went on a Rock Hill adventure this past weekend (sans Daddy, unfortunately). We got to hang out with my college suite mate, Georgia, and her darling Spartacus. Then we got a full day with my Nana and Papa, my mom (new Nana) and all my dear Sanderson family. Andrew had a blast running back and forth to his Ashton, playing peek-a-boo with his cousin Brent and making sure everyone else was admiring him at all times.

Georgia sent me a package a couple weeks ago that contained an adorable pair of sandals that Spartacus recently outgrew. Andrew adores these sandals, so instead of the tears I brought forth when trying on shoes a month ago, I often find him doing his best to get these on himself. If they are in view, they must be worn! This happened during some post-bath-naked-time and, sorry Jeff, but I just couldn't help myself ... the memory had to be captured.

I got in the mood to blend something the other day and homemade whipped cream fit the bill. My Sweet Scooter gave me a hand licking the beater.

And Phil and I got to go to the American Idol show as guests of Chris Sligh - how cool is that!?

I think we're going to make this picture our Christmas Card this year. "Season's Greetings from Phil, Christy, David, Mary and Sanjaya!" Be on the lookout ....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Don't Go Down Homely In The Afternoon

My Precious had his very first bubble bath yesterday. Though he's looking quite cheery in the photo, he didn't think much of it. He quickly scooted to the far end of the tub, putting as much distance between himself and the congregating bubbles as possible. Then he'd warily poke at them with a finger. It amused me.

Andrew has also decided that his sweet bicks were meant to be free and can pull the tabs loose from his diaper as quick as a wink, thus our evening wambones selection has evolved to include shorts. The extra layer has kept his wily fingers from grasping the tabs, and it looks pretty hip, too!

And finally, our poltergeist is really starting to mess with my head. His name is Mortimer Ichabod and he's lived here with us for years. I'm totally used to him ringing the doorbell - doesn't phase me at all anymore. I also don't care that he finds great delight in turning on my over overhead bedroom light, though I did call the police the first time he did it. (I came home late , and you have to use a remote to turn the stupid thing on, which I knew - and continue to know - I hadn't done.)

Well now he's gone and taken my Blockbuster rental. I was all psyched up to watch something other than football with Phil on Sunday night, so after a sweltering visit to the park we swung by Blockbuster then came directly home. I fed TCBITW and put him to bed then got all situated on the couch ready for the fun to begin. No fun. DVD gone. Searched the entire van (yes, I drive a van - I'll explain another time). Looked everywhere in the house including, but not limited to, the freezer, behind the stove, the linen closet, under the couch cushions and the dryer. I really hope Mortimer enjoys season 1 of The Office and sees fit to return it to me before it's due back.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Homogenize The World Mochaccino Land

Oh my goodness, do I have a busy boy! Climbing up into things (like the refrigerator and dishwasher) are new favorite activities, as is WALKING! (see video below) My Precious has also dropped his morning nap, so we have even more time for said activities. I think I may look into a zoo membership or pass to the Stone Mt. Park as the weather becomes more friendly for out-of-doors sorts of things. His Royal Cuteness seems to be really enjoying taking his show on the road.

It has just been in the last few days that Andrew has really taken off with the walking. Now he can just stand up in the middle of the floor and take a turn about the room, falling on the sweet bickies after a bit. Occasionally he will careen off to one side and go down head first, and it is this that causes me to hover over him still and wish all my furniture was made of bubbles.

To protect the precious tootsies, I went to Evil Target to exchange some wonderful-but-too-large shoes he got for his birthday (he has wee baby feet). These shoes are a brand only sold in Evil Target stores and I only wanted to get a different size but was prevented from doing so because I had "exceeded my allowance for non-receipt exchanges." What a stupid store. I am considering doing the unthinkable ... getting my Targetesque items from that other place (I can't bring myself to write it out, but it rhymes with Paul Glart.) And, yes, my local Paul Glart is a bit ghetto, but it's cheap and they haven't angered me lately.

And now sit down, inhale deeply and just take in his fabulousness.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Never Called Her A Wart. I Never Called Her Anything. I Never Even Think About Her!

Ugh, I'm depressed. How could I possibly be depressed when I get to be the Mommy to The Cutest Baby In The World, you ask? Because I'm a sack of trash. And also stupid.

Here's how it went down. The day started with pancakes with my darlings Husband and Baby. Baby napped, then we tooled around downtown Decatur and feasted on fish and chips at The Brickstore, one of our favorite places. Not done with our fun, we headed out to Lenox mall where I purchased an expensive dress from Ann Taylor. (Emily, I thought of you, and I really should have courted the dress properly as you taught me ... taken it out for coffee, brought it flowers, written it thoughtful notes on scented paper ... but I was weak and paid full price. Try not to think less of me.) Got home from all our festivities to a very sweet message from Brea.


(OK, Em, now you can think less of me.)

I totally stood them up. I feel dreadful. I keep envisioning John and Brea standing by the door, Brea fabulously dressed and clutching her purse ready to go, John adjusting his tie and looking at his watch, Skeezix looking up hopefully from his caterpillar tube waiting for Aunt Christy to come play. I stink.

By the time I realized my error, it was too late to remedy. I put The Precious to bed and slumped onto the couch in my guilt. It seemed wrong to say, "Oh well!" then laugh and eat cookies and enjoy myself, so in penance I just sat there and watched Shiloh lick his feet for 45 minutes. Foot, actually. He licked his back left paw for 45 minutes like he'd just walked through a big pile of bacon.

Thankfully, Brea is a kind and gracious individual and will most likely forgive me. And I probably won't be able to stay down for long with TCBITW giving me big, almost toothy grins. Below is him working on his first art project, a lovely picture drawn in honor of his First-Cousin-Once-Removed Brent for his 18th birthday. Happy birthday, Bean!

I Felt Safe, As Safe As Only Can Be When You Are Falling Off A Hill With A Bicycle And A Father

ice cream time!

We're missing Daddy this week as he's off gallivanting in California on a "work retreat." The Precious and I had planned to join him, but decided at the last minute that some time at home might be a wiser choice. Plus, with the time change and the tight hotel quarters, I envisioned myself squeezed under a bed trying to read with a flashlight at 3pm.

The Precious is a fan of hot fudge

OK, I have to pause here to express my horror at the program "Honey, We're Killing The Kids." This episode is featuring a little girl who regularly eats so much junk that she ends up throwing up. And in case the viewers aren't clear on what that means, they show video footage of the blessed event. GAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Back to the cuteness that is My Precious. We have teeth!!! On Monday I discovered not one, but two gleaming white specks bursting through his sweet pink gums. Upper left and lower right. I kind of hope he ends up getting more.

I was putting something away in his closet yesterday and noticed several pairs of shoes sitting on the shelf. Andrew has only worn shoes once in the past 6 months (for Aunt Sallie's wedding) and I realized I had no idea what size he is now. After trying on a few pairs, I've determined that he's a 3. I think. Is it supposed to be easy to get one-year-old feet in shoes?

Here he is wearing some adorable size 3's I was afraid might never see the light of day. He was fascinated by the contraptions eating his feet.