Monday, April 22, 2013

So Your Only Aspiration Was To Be A Gourd Who Danced!

My Sweet Nibblet has turned 4.  When I asked her how she wanted to celebrate, she asked for a rainbow cake and her old Minnie Mouse doll wrapped up in a box, the darling.  I thought the rainbow cake I made was a little on the hideous side:

I'm giving you it's best angle here.  I imagined a more whimsical swirling of rainbow colors, but the frosting didn't happen 'til rather late the night before the big day and this was all the whimsy I could muster.  It was one of the more lopsided cakes I've ever seen, but inside was rich chocolate and the frosting made of butter and sugar, so really, what's the problem?  And at least it didn't give anyone nightmares like my Easter cake from a couple years back:

We had a lovely morning at the botanical garden, a pizza lunch at Centennial Olympic Park (which was underwhelming as the playgrounds were all closed off), cake and ice cream at home, then we went bowling of all crazy things.  Andrew had gotten a coupon for our local bowling alley at school and was dying to give it a try.  The kids absolutely loved it and Andrew has probably told me a hundred times now that he just can't wait to go bowling for his birthday, too.  I think we should become a bowling family with matching league shirts and our own personal bowling balls and shoes.  Unfortunately the lighting in the bowling alley was not conducive for photos, 'cause it's was pretty cute.

So here's a little slide show of my very, very sweet girl and highlights from her fourth year.