Friday, December 28, 2007

Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal

Precious opening his stocking filled with snap beads here at home

We've had such a lovely Christmas time so far. The Saturday morning before Christmas, we had our own little gift exchange before we headed out to Aiken for some tremendous fun with Phil's family. My family arrives here in Atlanta for even more Christmas excitment this Sunday!

Andrew with his Aunt Sallie & Uncle Jeff

Festivities included dinner at Pizza Hut, the Millbrook Baptist Candlelight Service (after every song, Andrew exclaimed, "aGEE!", his version of "again"), wheelbarrow rides from Papa, story times with Nannie, and loads of attention from Aunts and Uncles!

In his Christmas Wambones with his Nannie on Christmas Eve

There were also a few presents to be had. Oh the abundance of books and toys and clothes that were showered upon this little lad! He has spent today playing with his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Play House, laughing over his Ball Popping Machine and asking me to read Llama, Llama Mad at Momma.

Manly roughhousing with Daddy on Christmas Morning

While we were packing for Aiken, TCBITW was sweetly scootering his little bicks around our room in his rocket wambones (pj's). He ran up to me with his denim jacket and asked to put it on. Then he found his fleece footed wams and was determined to have those on as well. Not one to inhibit a unique sense of fashion (I do have pink streaks in my hair, after all), I obliged. He was a stunning sight and was none too pleased when we decided to trade the outfit for something more conventional before our trip.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just In Cases

OK, I've got to be the worst blogger ever. Enough about that - so do you think My Precious likes chocolate pudding or what?!

We just had the priviledge of a wonderful visit home to my parents and BRADLEY! Yes, the big, bad Navy corpsman is home for a few weeks, and it was such a joy to spend time with him. He took us through some pictures of his adventures over this past year, and though they freaked me out a little, I'm so proud of all he's done. Truely a hero.

Here is Andrew hanging out with his uncle on the floor of my mom's classroom. It's nice that Bradley was able to take a break from bandaging up Marines to making link necklaces for TCBITW.

We also got to spend a morning at Waccatee Zoo, one of my favorite spots. Always looking for an adventure, Bradley made sure to feed all the animals whose cages displayed the sign, "DO NOT FEED. WILL BITE!!" He also managed to get the llama to spit right in his face (though I think the fence deflected most it). Good times!

Here's Andrew hanging with Grandpa at the zoo. Nothing could warm my heart more ...