Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hubert Cumberdale, You Taste Like Soot And Poo

I realized at some point yesterday afternoon that it had been 36 minutes since I had last taken a picture of either of my children, so I tried to make up for it with a photo shoot to document Elsbeth at 15 weeks, and Andrew at 2.99999 years. I was so excited when Andrew gave me a cheerful "Yes!" when I asked him if he wanted to hold his sister. This series of pictures was the perfect mix of adorable and hilarious.

We started out good ...

... then we started to sink ...

... and sink.

Phil and I were amused by how giant Elsbeth looks in all these. I mean, she's growing like a weed, and Andrew continues to have a puny appetite, but they're not quite as close in size as these pictures would have you believe.

And now a sweet kiss for little sister.

And here Andrew is trying to help her smile. I think these two are going to be good buddies.

And speaking of good buddies, Andrew got some good play time in with Marjorie Stewart-Baxter* earlier this week. Everything was calm and collected while there was lemonade to be had.

Then they started playing with the water table, and things got a little wacky.

Ahhhh, summertime with friends! Makes me want to throw on my swim suit and pull out the Slip-N-Slide.

Melvina & Carrothead Update

Received the following message from Pittsburg Auntie:

The kids had a wonderful time at the wedding. John and Julia really made them feel welcome. As you can tell from the pictures, they were able to give advice and encouragement when it comes to a mixed marriage. Melvina really showed her stuff during the Electric Slide (I think her cloth body aided in the sliding part!) She is having a good time and said she will come home soon - but she still has a lot of Pittsburgh to see.

*As is my policy, name has been changed to protect the innocent.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She Left All This Crap On My Porch

Getting to spend time with these fabulous people in Myrtle Beach for a few days was so lovely. We survived all the travel (though there was a moment where I was crouched in the airplane bathroom, somehow holding Elsbeth with one hand and supporting her head with my knee and using my other hand to pull Andrew's pants back up, all the while trying to convince him to quit playing with the vent he found on the nasty, nasty floor).

It wasn't the summer for lounging on the beach with a book (surprise, surprise) especially since Andrew wasn't feelin' the ocean and the sand. He just wanted to stand in the indoor water park area and watch people walk and swim and go down water slides.

I mean, why build boring sand castles and splash in the boring sea when there are fascinating water drains to explore!

Elsbeth, on the other hand, was totally up for getting dressed up in her strawberry swimsuit ...

... and sleeping in loving arms under an umbrella with the ocean breeze tousling her wisps.

And yes, Crazy Aunt Sallie, Melvina and Carrothead were reunited! They were so desperate for time alone that they volunteered to babysit while the rest of us went to dinner. Els had a blowout diaper on their watch, and I heard them discussing later how many years after they marry (!) they think they'll wait until having little Pork-Head's of their own.

(In an exciting and rather scandalous turn of events, Carrothead snuck Melvina into his suitcase and they ran off together to Pittsburg. I've contacted Pittsburg Auntie and she has promised to chaperon.)

OK, stupid stinkin' blogger has quit letting me move my pictures around, so the rest of this entry will be even more random than usual ...

Here's Els having her first sink bath.

So, Andrew didn't love the beach, except for one evening when we went out after sunset. Then he ran and laughed and played. The next morning when I suggested we go back out, he told me he wanted to wait until it was shady again. So maybe the brightness bothered him? I tried to get him to wear his sunglasses, but I might as well have asked him to smear molten lava on his face, so that was a no-go.
(Of course, when we got home, he had tremendous fun playing with and wearing my sunglasses. Crazy kid.)

Here's Andrew enjoying the shady beach.

And my back is forever thankful to my mom and Ashton, who both took turns wearing Elsbeth.

Deep Thought for the Day: I don't understand why Andrew will try (and then actually enjoy) scrambled eggs when I tell him that this is Daddy's favorite way to eat eggs, but was totally unmoved when, for the last two years, I've told him how much I like them that way. This tactic has also worked for carrots and chicken pot pie. Am I really just that uncool?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Will Wear A Jumper If Pushed

Oh what a week it's been! Andrew came down with some horrible virus on Monday night and suffered with a blazing high fever all week. Got up over 104 several times, making me pretty nervous since before this, I don't know if he's ever had a fever over 100. So he spent his days pitifully laying on the couch watching Thomas and Wonder Pets and sipping on lemonade.

We went to the doctor twice, and other than the fever, he checked out fine, so she figured it must be a virus and not an infection. Roseola was a guess, but his fever has finally stayed down today without medication and no rash appeared, so who knows. BUT now he's complaining about his stomach. We're pretty sure his little system just got out of wack with all the gallons of Motrin we've been pouring down his throat, so he's been pretty miserable (and irritable!) with tummy cramps. I plan to start tomorrow morning with a big glass of prune juice and see what that does. We can all hope it causes crazy diarrhea since ...

... we'll be on a plane headed for Myrtle beach! The doctor gave us clearance to go ahead with our plans to visit with my mom, my Aunt Amy, my cousin Ashton and my Aunt Leslie. I am so excited! Phil is going to walk me through airport security and see me on the plane with my wee ones, then mom will be waiting for us on the other end. I think I can handle just sitting on the plane with the two of them (as long as there isn't massive bowel activity from anyone). Elsbeth can't wait for some good girl time with her Aunties and cousin.

And as of today, I am the proud owner of a Nissan X-Terra named Strider! Isn't he so handsome? Poovey (the van belonging to Nannie and Papa) will be passed on to Aunt Sallie, and Strider will be taking over all my transportation needs. I love him.

Thought for the Day: I think George Michael's "Father Figure" has got to be the creepiest song ever in the entire world. Is it just me?