Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say Jim! Whoa! That's A Bad Outfit! Whoooo!!

We were heading out to playgroup this morning all dressed up in our Halloween finest when I decided to snap a picture of my superhero. I asked him to make a Superman face, and this is what he gave me. I think it's pretty much my favorite picture of all time.

I just love the things he comes up with to do and say these days. His little teething self had to go to bed without Tylenol last night because I couldn't find it. Not one of his 3 bottles could be located (he likes to have flavor options). This is what I came across later in the evening:

This is the face of a happy boy who just got to share in mommy's hot chocolate with marshmellows. "Marshmellow crazy," he declared about halfway through.

For some reason, Andrew decided back there behind the end table was a fun place to play. He kept asking me to clean up a dead bug he'd found, and I told him Daddy was better with bugs than Mommy was and so we'd wait for him. A few minutes later, he started crying so I ran in from the kitchen. Fortunately, he had not decided to eat the bug. He'd simply gotten his head stuck behind the couch.

And he's still my big helper. He loves nothing more than to sit on the counter while I'm cooking. Here he is helping me chop up vegetables for a beef stew.

In other big boy news, Andrew fell out of his crib only moments ago. Last week, I saw a friend's daughter with her hand in a cast and found out it was from falling out of her crib, so Phil and I are considering bringing in a toddler bed earlier than originally planned. I'm nervous about the transition - what if he decides to do some science experiments with vaseline and toothpaste at 3am? In the end, I'm finding the "what if's" involving ER visits more compelling.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank Your, Ladies and Gentlemen

Every year I get really excited about fall and make a grand declaration about how many fall festivals we're going to attend and how many caramel apples we're going to eat and how we're going to drape ourselves in warm popcorn and cider and leaves ... you get the picture. In my 30 years of existence, I think I've actually attended somewhere around zero fall festivals. The season is young(ish), so there's still time for me to make good on this year's promises, but even if I turn out to be a big liar once again, at least I can say that I took Andrew to a really cool pumpkin patch (a first for both of us).

The whole experience was charming. Andrew loved running through aisles of pumpkins and wasted no time selecting one he deemed worthy (I took this picture before I read the sign that said "No picking up pumpkins by the stems.")

"Yeah, I'm cool. I'm sittin' on a pumpkin in my jean jacket. What?" (I took this picture before reading the sign that said "No sitting on pumpkins.")

To my shame, we didn't bathe in caramel apples or popcorn, BUT my boy had his first experience with boiled peanuts. I think I get some major fall points for that.

He also went on pretty schnazzy hay ride. You know you're in the south when your hay ride takes you by some gigantic talking pumpkins with unbelievable hillbilly accents that offer a "God loves you" message. Another fun item I assume you wouldn't find in, say, Massachusetts: A huge sign in the parking lot that reads "No Alcohol Or Profanity." Fortunately I read this one ahead of time.

The icing on the cake was that we got to share the experience with some of our dearest friends. Here we are with Ishbibenob*, Rhianna, and Starla*, who are "home" from Thailand for a bit. We're soaking up every second.

In closing, something totally unrelated to the glories of autumn. From the time Andrew wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he is asking to watch TV. Specifically "W W", which is what he calls the "Baby Bach" video of the Baby Einstein family. (He calls it that because they read out their web site at the beginning.) I try to space these viewings out as science and medicine and current Christian thought have instilled fears in me that one day Andrew will spontaneously combust simply by standing too close to the Devil box. However, I want the world at large to see what I'm up against. Here's a clip of Precious watching is favorite segment of "W W."

*As you may have guessed, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puddle Decided To Be Horrifying

We just got back from a wonderful visit with Aunt Sallie and Uncle David who live in Greenville, a mere 2 hours away (3 hours if leaving Atlanta on a Friday evening). We spent Saturday morning at a fabulous zoo called Hollywild, as many of their animals have been in movies and commercials. It was such a fun place. Andrew got to feed lots of the animals - above he's feeding a sheep a dog biscuit, and below he's shooting a wary look towards a zedonk that tries to suck your fingers off when you offer him food.

This cappybarra was my personal favorite. He left off snuffing some old lettuce to come see what treats we had to offer.

The Precious thought this peacock was the coolest (the peacock agreed). He kept mimicking the way he'd peck at the ground, his jerky movements and his noises, which was pretty hilarious.

The highlight was going on a safari ride on this awesome bus. There were wooden benches on each side, and all manner of wild beasts would come up to take bread from us.

Andrew did lots of his serious, taking-it-all-in face, but he was loving every second of it.

Saturday evening, Andrew got some good play time in with Phil's sister's husband's brother's daughter, Mocha.* They kept sitting on the stairs together making funny clicking (or smacking?) sounds. Bizarre, but very entertaining.

Back at the homestead, here I am posing for my 12-week tummy photo. This was first thing in the morning. I look about 3 months farther along come 6pm.

My 12-week doctor's visit went great. Below is my midwife, Amanda, who delivered Andrew ... wasn't it just a few days ago? She's pregnant with her first and due a day before I am! I'm thrilled to death for her, but I badly wanted her to deliver my Nibblet as well. She claims she'll totally be up for it if she doesn't have her baby first. I like her too much to wish that she be bent over delivering babies while 9 months pregnant.