Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wreck?! Shoooot.

Oh my. My sweet Nibblet is 3. This feels incredibly old, and yet she seems even older a lot of the time. She's my long, lanky girl who is already wearing lots of 4-year-old clothes, and she talks so much more and with better pronunciation and a wider vocabulary than The Precious did at her age. I mean, she's already saying her "L's" ... this is crazy! I feel like Andrew just got that. However, when I look at the piles of wet pants in the hamper and watch her pitch herself to the floor because we're out of juice, 3 is just about right.

So let me see, what's The Fiery One about these days? She's still obsessed with orange. All she wanted for her birthday was an orange cake. Pink is an acceptable runner up, but all other colors are a complete bore. She adores her big brother and is crushed if ever he doesn't want to play with or disagrees with her, but glory be, they often play together really well. (Hmmm ... thinking back over the day ... perhaps I should downgrade the "often" to "sometimes," but when they do play together, it's the sweetest thing in the world.) Mickey Mouse Club is the favorite TV show and Cars is hands down her favorite movie (she's wild over Mater ... got 2 of them plus a Cars book for her birthday) with Cinderella and Nemo coming in close behind. She loves to eat, and you'd better not let her go more than a couple hours between feedings or you'll be running for cover. Low blood sugar is a beast. She sings all the time, I think most of the songs are just made up about whatever's in her head, but they're loud and awesome. Well, to me. Andrew finds them very oppressive. But who doesn't love a girl who's living her life as a musical? She also likes to twirl and declares things "beautiful" on a regular basis and feels very important when I let her down from the cart to help me in the grocery store.

I am crazy over this girl. She is bright and fun and hilarious and full of life. I am so grateful for every minute of her three years, even the ones that nearly pushed me over the edge. You're worth it, my Elsbeth! Every contraction, every sleepless night, every moment my brain melted and I found myself huddled in the closest singing "Tainted Love" ... I'd do it all a thousand times just to get to be your mommy. Happy birthday sweetheart!