Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Want A Tattoo Of A Monkey . . . That Has A Tattoo Of Me

Sadly, our time with Nannie has come and gone. But it was sweet. Last time Nannie was here, TFO was still refusing to be anywhere but on my hip and screamed her face off if Nannie (or anyone else) tried to hold her. She was a whole new girl this go 'round, having a wonderful time with her grandmother, running around everywhere, smiling and chatting away. Andrew continues to adore his Nannie. He was asking me recently about how people got married, and I told him how he'd find a girl one day that he loved so much and that they'd be best friends and he'd want to be with her forever. He immediately declared that his girl would be Nannie.

Mobley excitement continued as we spent last Saturday at Aunt Sallie and Uncle David's house. Nannie, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Jeff and darling cousin Anna-Kate were there, too, and there was cake and ice cream and b-b-q and presents for all the fall/winter birthdays! The Precious consumed his weight in sugar and Nib's diaper leaked and there was much shrieking in delight every time Aunt Sallie's cat (Bean ... poor Bean) walked into the room, so a great time was had by all. (Except Bean, though he was extremely good-natured about all the attention.)

Here are the cousins, sharing secrets as their lunch was being prepared.

Andrew getting some good Uno time in with Aunt Jessie.

Back at home, things are less festive, but going well. Elsbeth is blossoming before my eyes, often full of sweet kisses and little chatterings. I'm picking more and more words out of her babble, like fish ("bish") and flower and slide and diaper ... and my current favorite, Andrew (something like "Anew") usually said with a big grin. I'm sure she's saying lots more ... I've just got to keep listening closely.

I was foolishly attempting to wash some clothes a few days ago, separating piles all over the kitchen, and this time, instead of loading the washer for me, my Nibblet decided she needed to wear all the dirty clothes. At the same time. She was particularly taken with Andrew's new Thomas whambones (she loves Thomas). Hard to tell here, but she's actually wearing 3 pairs of pants, and she was none too pleased when I decided to take them off.

On a side note, I have determined that we own an alarming amount of khaki. Does this say something about us as a family unit? Are we bland? I think Phil's the only one among us that wears loafers (which is an issue I'd like to discuss in a later post ... namely, how does one most efficiently set shoes ablaze, starting with the tassles). But really, perhaps I should start spicing up the wardrobes around here. Red lycra all around!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Elsbeth and I took off last weekend - just us girls! - to visit my dear family in NC, and we had such a wonderful time. Els decided that Ashton was pretty much the best thing ever as soon as we walked in the door (and she is). See this picture? Nibblet being held by Not Mommy? And Mommy was taking the picture, so I was in view and everything, and there she is being all happy and smiling. It was bliss.

Els took a really long nap one afternoon, so I got to not only nap myself, but have a quiet tea time with my Aunt Amy, Ashton, and my wee tiny 4-foot grandmother. Or perhaps my Nana was just leaning back in this picture. I can't remember. Whatever the case, she made some wonderful pumpkin bread that Elsbeth later inhaled.

Sunday afternoon we spent enjoying the very adorable Burlington City Park. Here we were riding the little train that on loop 1 totally weirded Els out, loop 2 had her feeling wary but not yelling, and loop 3 turned her into an expert and nearly happy train passenger.

Can anyone tell me why I would purposefully take a photo next to Ashton? I mean, really. I'm taking a blogging break right now to go put on a mud mask.

I'm not sure why this picture turned out this way, but I love it.

The boys had some manly bonding time hiking around Stone Mountain and eating multiple meals at The Waffle House. Aunt Jessie, Uncle Jeff and cousin Anna-Kate came to visit and, as far as I can tell, were entertained with hours of football games, meals of week-old leftover flank steak and cold cereal and a drive downtown where they were permitted to peer out of the car windows at Phil's office building. I'm pretty sure we're never going to see them again.

I'll end with this picture of Andrew who decided to give himself a mustache with a dry erase marker. I was actually a little disappointed in how easily it washed off ... I don't know why.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Frightful Bombastic Aghast

Here's the last few weeks in pictures in no particular order with a smattering of disjointed thoughts:

TFO has actually turned a corner and is a cheerful, darling delight the majority of the time. But at any moment, her sensitive soul might decide a particle of her universe isn't exactly as it should be ...
and she lets you know about it.

My Nibblet has fallen deeply in love with Mr. Bear, a really sweet stuffed animal that Phil picked out for her months before we met her. She is always full of kisses for him and clutches him tightly while listening to bedtime stories and going to sleep. He makes any sad situation tolerable.

Speaking of bedtime, Phil was finally given the privilege of putting his daughter to bed earlier this week. This was the first time I had not put her down myself. Ever.

The Precious is my wacky, fun-loving boy! We've started a new gymnastics class only a few miles from our new house and he loves it. I'm hoping to also do some more swim classes soon.

He had his 4-year-old checkup, and though he was apparently not in the mood for a photo shoot, he was incredibly brave and sweet. Barely a whimper during his shots. (I'm going to enjoy this while I can since I anticipate it taking 3 strapping orderlies to hold TFO down for such an event.) Everything looked great, and after years of holding steady at 30 pounds, he's now a lean but healthy 35.

Elsbeth just loves wearing Andrew's shoes.
It amazes me how well she can run around in them.

I don't know why my house is such a sty when I have so much great help. It must be messy Daddy's fault.

Els loves putting clothes in the washer. Occasionally I have a basket of clean clothes sitting next to a pile of dirty ones, then when I go to start the next load the machine is full and both piles gone.
Therein lies the rub.