Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bickies In The Air Like You Just Don't Care

Time flies when you're having fun!  Fall, my most favorite of seasons, is just around the corner, but it's still feeling very summer 'round here.  Our first go with the vegetable garden wasn't quite a full of edible treats as we were hoping, but it was still tons of fun.  And we learned a lot.  Our best crops were green beans and cherry tomatoes, and we've got high hopes for the one darling watermelon bravely trying to grow.  We're currently in the process of setting up a few raised beds to give some fall/winter produce a try.

Random aside:  Elsbeth asked me to read her this book recently. (below)  We curled up on the couch and she took one look at the front cover and said (with absolutely no prompting from me, I swear), "That looks like Daddy."

Just before school started, we squeezed in a quick Mobley Family weekend in SC where there was much cousin fun to be had.  Dress up time was my particular favorite.  Andrew was bummed because the girls had princess dresses and there was nothing for him, so Nannie and Papa rummaged around and found some vintage scout wear. 

I also fell in love with this wacky little car thing that Phil's parents have.  No batteries ... you just weave the steering wheel back and forth and scoot around.  I don't know if the kids or adults rode on it more!  Actually, I do know.  It was me.  I rode on it more.  Most.  Whatever.

My Precious is now well into his 4th week of first grade and loving every second!  His class is actually the biggest of the entire school - 12 students! wowie! - and they (being the school) decided very last minute that they needed to split the group into two classes. Which is fabulous!  I mean, who wouldn't love their child getting so much individualized attention in school?  But Andrew had already spent time sipping tea and discussing caterpillars with Mrs. Walker before school started, so as I anticipated, we had some quivery chin moments when we had to tell him he was actually going to have a different teacher.  All fears were put to rest, however, when, on the way home from school last week, he leaned his head against the seat of the car, gazed dreamily out the window, and said softly, "I love Mrs. Rector."  :-)

Another random aside:  Phil's mom recently gave me her mother's old cast iron skillet which I reseasoned and used to bake a cake of Puny's Cornbread from the Mitford Cookbook.  Awesome.  Fabulous.  Everyone must run out today and get a sack of cast iron pans.  They will instantly transport you to Yesteryear.  Or possibly even the Days of Yore, especially if you have an apron on.

And finally, we got some new chicken babies today!  There really is nothing sweeter, even when they poop on you.  Really.  Andrew's sorrow at the loss of our  other girls was assuaged when we decided we would get chicks of the same breeds and name them the same names. We also added 2 Plymouth Barred Rocks just 'cause we wanted to. 

Here's Andrew visiting with Rosemary II. 

And Elsbeth getting a little quality time with Gretel II.

Formal introduction of our new precious fluff balls:

 Susannah II
(Rhode Island Red)
Nadine II

 Gretel II
(Buff Orpington)

Rosemary II
(Silver-Laced Wyandotte)

(Plymouth Barred Rock)

(Plymouth Barred Rock)

How in the world can you stand not having a few of your own?  Seriously, a lap full of baby chickens and some cast iron and your world would take on a soft rosy glow.  Do it.