Monday, February 22, 2010

You Don't Need More Sleep, You Need More Coffee

So, the snow was pretty, but the magic of it was pretty much lost on this thin-blooded group. Andrew refused to even consider stepping outside to play in it, much to his daddy's dismay who was all geared up for snowman fun. We didn't make that mistake twice - decided to just bundle up Elsbeth without asking.

She really loved it.

So I stayed inside while Elsbeth napped off the horror of the experience and Andrew played a computer game in his slippers while Phil built a snowman all by his lonesome. It was pitiful (both Phil and the snow person). He couldn't get any of the snow to stick together, so his final product was a toddler girl snow person we named Tweaky.

Phil blamed his southern roots until we took a walk and saw that our Mexican neighbors had a nice 7-foot snow giant. Phil's still pretty sensitive about it. I think some heckling e-mails would help toughen him up (

Valentine's Day was pretty low-key. I was up to my eye galls with basement grime and touch-up paint, so my plan to do some lavish family Valentine's dinner with homemade gifts didn't happen. Not even close. But it was a charming thought, don't you think? Ten points for the charming thought! Anyway, Andrew and I did sit down one morning and made Valentines for our dearest friends and family (that I intended to deliver but never did ... 10 points for another charming thought!) Take a look at this one for Holly. I held the paper while he cut it, but that's all I did. I thought it was pretty good!

Elsbeth celebrated by eating her very first Valentine.

It's a family tradition.

PS: The house is officially on the market (here's our virtual tour: I'm being a total freak, looking out my windows every couple minutes to see if people driving by are slowing down to look. And we live in a cul-de-sac for crying out loud! Not a lot of drive by traffic that doesn't include people who already live here. We don't have fliers yet, but rest assured I will be counting them every evening. I'm also staring at the phone since we should learn this week if our dream house is a possibility. Somebody give me a pill!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Serenity Now!

  • Getting ready to put the house on the market

  • Where did we get all this crapola?

  • So tired - I feel like an example on one of those "this is your brain on drugs" commercials

update: Elsbeth

  • Crawling!
  • Tooth!
  • 9 month appt = 20 lbs. 2oz. (75%), 27.5 in. (50%) and a referral to an eye surgeon for her clogged tear duct (blah)
  • Lots of night waking = not enough caffeine in the world for Mommy

update: Andrew

  • Turned 3.5 = Big Boy Party, the purpose of which was to encourage certain bathroom activities which until this point he would only do in a Pull-Up during his rest time.

  • Didn't work. Blast.

  • Upon seeing a pimple on my forehead: "That is ... (hesitantly reaches forward to touch the spot) ... Mommy's skin?" Momentary silence as he ponders this, then states matter-of-factly, "That's just how God made Mommy."

visit from: Dear friend Rachel and Darling Baby Shanaynay*

  • So fun to get caught up with Rachel and meet sweet, amazingly laid-back baby

  • Incredibly kind friend who claims to have had a good time despite the fact that her visit included:

    - Mobleys killing borrowed van battery ... twice

    - her digging in cold mud 'til 11pm trying to get Phil's car unstuck from our side yard (we failed ... had to call tow truck)

    - Mobleys leaving her here alone for several hours one evening because an opportunity arose for us to look inside a house we're dying to get (awesome house! just don't know how much owner wants ... tiny, insignificant detail)

    - getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport leaving her no time to eat breakfast before boarding with Shanaynay (who was also hungry)

Off I go to scrounge for supper, for I am also hungry.

* name changed to protect the innocent