Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm Not Force-Feeding Myself A Steak At Four-Thirty To Save A Couple Of Bucks, I'll Tell You That!

My Wee Nibblet has turned the big 5!  She has been eagerly anticipating this birthday for some time - one of the major milestones to be reached before being allowed to go to kindergarten.  I was finally able to help her understand that she couldn't head off to class the day she turned 5.  Glad I figured out what she was thinking before her big day or it may have been quite the letdown.

We had a simple family celebration including pink cupcakes, a morning at the Botanical Gardens, and lunch out at one of our favorite pizza places.  We also had the joy have having Phil's Aunt Gayle here to help us celebrate!  Her favorite gift?  That rubbery square of Swiss cheese she's holding in the photo.  It came with 2 little rubbery mice that hide in the cheese and she's been rather obsessed with them.  Good work Aunt Sallie!

I'm not sure how tall she is (hmmm ... it is time to schedule that check-up, isn't it?), but heavens she's tall.  She got to spend some time at Nannie and Papa's  house and they compared her height to Aunt Sallie and Uncle Jeff at 5 (Phil wasn't living at that house at 5).  She's a full 2 inches past them.  Wowzers.  I'm glad for the warm weather since most of her pants were inching towards her knees.  Shorts are so much more forgiving.  Just waiting for the day Andrew has to look up to his little sister.

Happy 5 to our sweet Amazon girl!  We love you more than life and breath!