Saturday, October 1, 2011

Got Monks?

I haven't done this in so long, I'm not sure I remember how. I think I'm just going to post a whole bunch of pictures (some kinda old) and maybe say something about them. Should be riveting.

Ohhh! This is a good one! This is our newest member of the family: Mr. Tumnus. We've had him just over a week. He is adorable and so very sweet. Right now he's asleep on Phil's lap, but he's just as likely to be trying to catch Shiloh's tail, trying passionately to get to our breakfast cereal, or curled up next to Andrew during rest time.

I just love this face. She has been such a hoot lately with all the crazy made-up games she wants to play! This morning she and I were sitting inside Andrew's closet (the zoo) so she could release animals from the humidifier I keep there (elephants, giraffes and tigers) and feed them beans and popcicles. Does it get any better than that?

A couple weeks ago we went to visit my wonderful Burlington family. Have I mentioned before how much I love my cousin Ashton? Here she is on a train ride with Andrew.

And hanging with her girl.

Didn't I marry a good-looking man? Yep. I thought he looked particularly stunning riding on Uncle Ron and Aunt Gayle's boat this summer. I love a man who can grow a good burn.

A little Sprite ad.

We had such a good time - thanks a million Ron and Gayle!

And here are some pictures from our trip to Myrtle Beach with my family back in July ....

I just love my Aunt Leslie. I really wish she didn't live all the way in PA. Here she is telling us all about how her face is falling off. It was a gripping and terrifying tale.

Andrew was a crazy wave-jumping fool this time around, which is extremely helpful when trying to enjoy a beach trip with young children.

Here's Phil ordering pizza from notes made on the Magnadoodle. Funny! (Maybe you had to be there.)

Cutie patootie.

Let's end on a high note ... my Mom doing push ups before going down the the ocean. Isn't' she awesome?! I can't remember now if she ended up doing 0 or 1, but it totally brightened my day.

I may have just beaten my own record of random and disheveled blog posts.