Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Was Sniffing My Armpit, But I'm Back Now

We've been having lots of fun with friends lately. Back in the day, our Tuesday playgroup consisted of me sitting on the floor next to my wobbly baby making sure no one grabbed his eyes or knocked him over, while also vaguely aware of my friends visiting in the background. Or that's the way it seemed to me - they were probably just sitting across the room next to their own wobbly babies vaguely aware of me. Whatever the case, playgroup is now a lot more fun! I'm still a bit of a hoverer - it's my way - but Andrew has a blast playing with new and exciting toys, and sometimes the little ones actually, sort of, play together in their own special way. So cute. And now I exchange full sentences with my mommy friends!

Here Andrew and Flanagan* prepare to drag race around the playground.

"This is for pinks," says Flanagan with a snif.

"If you say so," replies Andrew, noticing Flanagan's left front wheel is not just a little bit wonky.

The Precious and Birthday Boy Skeezix*on the slide.

Skeezix came over to hang at our place yesterday, and these guys had a ball together! At one point, Skeezix would chase Andrew down then oh-so-gently tap him on the head and say, "Gottcha!" Then the two of them would laugh and laugh. I'm really sad my camera battery was dead at that point.

Kitty is also becoming quite the pal. Here's a shot of Andrew giving Kitty some kisses on the nose. Kitty also got a sip of milk from Andrew's cup before bedtime this evening.

This evening, however, we were on our own. Phil was coming back from a business trip to Nashville, and even Kitty opted to hang out in the crib, so I took TCBITW and headed to our local mall where I purchased him his very first kid's meal.

Here he's signing "please" in response to my asking him if he'd like ice cream for dessert.

Now our local mall is filled with stores like "U Apparel II" and "Pinky" and mannequin's sporting booty pants and high-heeled steel-toed boots. One store actually has a big poster at the entrance that reads, "Shmack!" So imagine my surprise to discover that tonight was Old White People Dancing Night! The food court was packed with seniors all fancied up and dancing to a live band. Andrew was completely enthralled.

This was my favorite lady. Her ruffly blouse/floral skirt combo was so sweet.

And I had to get some video of them doing The Electric Slide. I think Andrew could have watched them for hours - we ended up getting home past bedtime since it was hard to tear him away. Wild nights in Tucker!

* As always, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Postpartum Doula Named Electra

We spent this past weekend in Lexington, SC, where we had the privilege of watching the community theater production of "Little Women," staring our very own Jeff and Jessie Mobley! Sallie and David drove down (up? over?) as well, so it was a big sibling reunion. Andrew, who hadn't seen these aunts and uncles since Christmas, decided Aunt Sallie was the bee's knees. The whole visit made me wish my Bradley was close enough to visit (though I imagine I'd catch him as an act in some sort of circus rather than in a play).

Phil's Aunt Gayle and Uncle Ron graciously hosted us in their amazing home on the lake. The Precious thought the boat docks were fascinating.

There was also a small playground across from the docks, so that pretty much ranked this place #1 in Andrew's book.

Aunt Gayle kept our Sweet Scooter Bicks for us while we attended the play. It was great! Between the two of them, there was singing, sword fighting, a fake limp, a cape, a dramatic death/momentary resurrection, and a very convincing evil laugh. I cannot believe I forgot to bring my camera to capture them in costume. Drat!

When not on the docks, Andrew was running full speed around Aunt Gayle's immaculately kept yard, pausing occasionally to peer into her koi pond.

When I first met Uncle Ron years ago, I confess I wasn't quite sure what to make of him. He's a very successful accountant who owns his own firm, and he seemed to be really serious. I mean, what does a person like me do with that? Now, however, Uncle Ron is one of the highlights of family gatherings for me. He is hilarious, whether he means to be or not, and he allows me to pick on him mercilessly, which I think speaks highly of his moral character. The following is an actual conversation I had with him (and yes, he was dead serious):

Me: So, Uncle Ron, did you ever go to the prom?

Uncle Ron: Yeah, I went twice. I could have gone more if I'd wanted to.

Aunt Gayle: I went three times.

Uncle Ron: Actually, I went three times.

Here's to you, Uncle Ron! Thanks for letting us take over your home, eat all your food, and for always making me laugh.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sir Nubbs

I know at some point every child in the world tries on his parents' shoes, but when mine does it, somehow it becomes the most adorable thing in the entire world. I was actually pretty impressed with how well he was able to drag that huge running shoe around - does make me feel like I have really gigantor feet, however.

I just went to check on him in his crib (it's 11pm) and he looked so ... long. How is he this grown up already? Last night he started repeating some words after me (cracker, cheese, potty), which he has been strictly against his policy before now. "Cookie" is a new favorite word that gets said a whole lot, and he puts his lips waaay out for the "coo" part, so it's a lot of fun to watch. Oh, and I have mentioned that he's saying "mama" on a regular basis now? Forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but it's such a joy to hear. I've been told one day I'll get tired of hearing it, but that won't be anytime soon. :-) Especially since occasionally now when he wants something, I'll hear a little voice say "mama" instead of "ENHHHHH!"

And since somewhere around the end of January or beginning of February, he's been sitting on the potty! Can't get any more big boy than that!

I'm trying to remember to put him on at every diaper change. He's not gotten to where he'll let me know when he needs to go, but he certainly understands what he's supposed to do once he's there (at least for the wettie business part).

And now for the "Wow, people say weird things" segment. My Precious and I made a quick run to the grocery store this afternoon for some baking powder, and since that was the only thing on our list I let him just walk and hold my hand. He thought this was fabulous and was hoping around and grinning at this man on our aisle. Mr. Man stopped and commented on how much fun he was having, then paused (with a big smile) and said, "And look, he's even got a swastika on." Since I only cover my one-year-old in swastikas on major holidays, I was confused and began scanning him for stray Neo-Nazi markings. Turns out he was referring to the Nike swoosh on his clothes.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't Say "Stripper" - God's Listenin' To Ya.

My darling boy is now 20 months old ... and WEANED! Mommy is wistful that another bit of babyhood has passed. Daddy, on the other hand, wants it to be known that he's thought this whole business very strange for some time now. Do keep in mind this is a man who thinks I "hurt" my socks by folding the tops together to keep them paired and once attempted to use the bathroom in an umbrella case. He's demented (but very cute, and brave with melon-sized bugs).

For those of you who agree with Phil and think I should teach freak lessons on the weekends, go here and revel in your astonishing intuition. Those of you who are shaking your heads in a disappointed fashion because I didn't keep on 'til kindergarten, keep yourselves busy here for a while.

I've had a few moments when I've wondered if, perhaps, it was still too early ... You can't help but wonder when you look up and see your toddler sucking the life out of a Diet Coke bottle.

He has also gotten completely obsessed with tea. Really. He talks about it all day long, loves to walk around holding the bag of loose tea leaves, and knows exactly how to put a tea bag into a mug, gently placing the paper tab outside. And he gets really offended if he asks for some of mine and I offer him a sip from a spoon. He wants the whole mug, and he will guzzle it down.

Concerned that the pediatrician was going to be less-than-impressed to hear that he had gone from a diet of wholesome milk to hot tea and Coke, but also not wanting to do anything to diminish his love of my favorite beverage, I decided this morning to make him his own cup - half tea, and half cow's milk. He drank it in about 10 seconds. Here you see him tapping the bottom of his tea cup to let me know where to put the next installment.

And here's a boy pleased to have cup #2 waiting by his side.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Work A Fox Or Turkey In There And I Think You've Got Something!

I took My Precious on his first visit to our library this week - very fun! Even though he found the sun carpet much more interesting than the actual books, I felt educational just being there. He was such a good boy, nice and quiet and came to me to hold my hand when he wanted to explore. I was able to entice him with a gigantic Big Bird book long enough to snap a more libraryish picture, which I was determined to have since it was our maiden voyage.

I also chose this week to do something about our home's bleak exterior. With both my parents being excellent gardeners, it's a shame I'm a complete moron when it comes it plants. Phil has called me The Black Thumb for years ... not very nice of him, actually. I do try!

So Andrew and I scooted our bicks around Pike's Nursery for quite some time in search of something colorful for the front porch. Preferably something hardy. They have such nice, helpful people working there - I just wish I knew enough to ask intelligent-sounding questions. Instead I end up saying things like, "Well, I'm looking for something for a hanging basket, and those things are growing up, not hanging down ... is that OK?"

But it was an amazing spring day and Andrew and I had a great time pretending to be gardeners. His favorite thing was helping me put dirt in the pots.

The heights from which he dropped the soil got greater and greater the longer he helped.

Then he went off to find the watering can.

I tried giving it to him empty since I wasn't done potting the flowers, but that was no good. As soon as I agreed to give him actual water, he got to work watering everything including the empty spaces in the flower carrier thing.

And now I present to you my favorite moment: In response to my suggestion that he smell the flowers, he laid on his stomach and stuck his head into one of the empty (yet well-watered) holes in the flower carrier. Fabulous!

I just adore it when he does quirky things!