Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell

It all started out so innocently. Elsbeth wanted to paint her tiny pumpkin.

Then she wanted Mommy to paint pictures on her arms.

Then Mommy's tea kicked in ... and things started getting out of hand.

Oh my. I had such fun.

I love having kids that let me do stuff like this.

All that and it wasn't even Halloween yet!

Andrew saw The Mickey Mouse Club for the first time many months ago at Dr. Robinson's office while getting his teeth cleaned, and thus began his obsession with Mickey Mouse. Of course, Elsbeth quickly fell in line and became obsessed with Minnie Mouse. Now the Mickey Mouse Club is the regular choice for TV time, I wake up at night with "The Hot Dog Dance" stuck in my head, Els and Andrew can spot Mickey ears from any distance in any store, and they both carry their stuffed mice (back from Phil's Orlando conference) with them all day long. It all made for a really stinkin' adorable Halloween.

We did our annual tour of the McSchnazzy's fabulous neighborhood (thanks for having us, Dave and Ami!) I appreciate that my friends have really cute, sweet kids.

This picture just made me happy.

My Precious doesn't know it yet, but we're surprising him with a trip to Disney World in a couple weeks. We leave the Sunday before Thanksgiving and we're not going to tell him 'til we're on our way to the airport. How fun is that?! The Fiery One is staying with Nannie and Papa so it will be just the three of us. We are really excited. :)

Phil's boss has 5 kids, and every time one of them turned 5, it was their year to have Disney World (and Mom and Dad) all to themselves. We thought this was such a neat idea and decided years ago we were going to steal it. Our sweet Nibblet won't miss us at all ... she'll be having her own version of Disney World with her Nannie and Papa. I might miss her a smidge, though.